Window closure repair

We carry out maintenance and repair tasks of closing systems on PVC doors and windows, checking the correct operation of the fittings and fixing any malfunctions caused by the passage of time or by misuse, solving that the door or window closes poorly or leaves pass the cold.

Our technical service installs handles with G.U-mZ DIRIGENT mechanism with opening retainer, for PVC doors and windows. Left mount / Right mount.

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Opening types

Hinged or practicable: In this case the leaf rotates on a vertical axis, supported by hinges. It is the most common type, which leaves the entire hole free, although it occupies a sweeping space that must be left free.

Oscillating / Projecting: En has a horizontal axis of rotation. Depending on whether the part of the window that moves is the upper or the lower we will say that it is oscillating or projecting, respectively. They are highly recommended for ventilating rooms without being able to open them completely, for example in schools.

Tilt-and-Turn: This type combines the previous two. It can be opened on its vertical or horizontal axis. Having both possibilities is a very versatile window.

Guillotine / Sliding: These windows are divided into two parts, either horizontally or vertically. They move on rails in the opposite direction to their division. Unlike the flaps, they do not need a free space to open, although it can only be done at 50%. In addition, there is a version of sliding windows called “liftable”, which allow the leaf to be moved more easily even when it is very heavy.

Tilting / Pivoting: This type is similar to oscillating / projecting, but has the axis of opening in the center of the window. If it is vertical it will be pivoting, while if it is horizontal it is called tilting.

Folding: These windows or doors can be folded in the form of a book, so that they can leave the entire opening free, occupying a very small space.

Oscillo-parallel slide: In this case the sliding and oscillating types are combined, making a solution with multiple possibilities.

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